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Continuing ruminations (because I’m bored, so why the hell not) on Renly’s tapestry that Locuraquijana spotted that is similar to the Bayeux Tapestry.

Well, even the HD 720 footage is dark and blurry, so that wasn’t much help. There are animals above the spear-fighters scene in Renly’s tapestry but I can’t really tell. My eyes are shit.

I do find the comet parallel interesting. Probably just a minor reference on Martin’s part. The red comet is significant in A Clash of Kings and mentioned in almost every chapter, interpreted in multiple ways.

Halley’s Comet appeared in 1066 and was seen as a bad omen by King Harold but seen as good by William the Conqueror’s people. This is shown in the Bayeux Tapestry on the segment showing in the first picture.

The Red Comet appears over Westeros and Essos as Dany’s dragons are being born. Dany sees it as a good omen, as do several characters over in Westeros, and some see it as negative. I don’t know what significance, if any, the red comet will have in season 2.

So if the parallel is deliberate, would that make Dany William the Conqueror, or Renly, or Stannis, or someone else? Too soon to tell.

edited to add: And yes, I’ve read all the books but I’m trying hard to avoid spoilers here. :)

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