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drag pictures to get your answers.

House Stark (YEAH!)! My lover is Robb. I live in Winterfell. My best friend is Tyrion. My pet is a dragon. My cause of death is battle. 

House Greyjoy, having the sex with Jaime Lannister, living it up in King’s Landing with my BFF Varys and my pet mammoth. Until I die in battle. Yay!

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    Stark / Robb Stark / Winterfell / Tyrion Lannister / Direwolf / Battle
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    House: Stark Jaime Lannister You Live In: Braavos Best Friend: Tyrion Lannister Dragon Cause of Death: Assassination
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    Tyrell Lover: Daenerys Targaryen Live in: Castle Black Best friend: Tyrion Lannister Pet: Mammoth Cause of death:...
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    Tyrell Lover: Theon Greyjoy Live in: Highgarden Best friend: Hodor Pet: Crow Cause
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    House Baratheon,...drowning. Most awesome best friend! And, uh,
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    Arryn, Jaime (wat?), Highgarden, Loras Tyrell, direworlf, tournament.
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    I am of House Stark, Khal Drogo is my lover, I live in King’s Landing, Renly Baratheon is my best friend, my pet is a...
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    House: Tyrell Daenerys (Well, hello there pretty lady!) You live in: Highgarden Best Friend: Daenerys Dragon Cause of...
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    House: Arryn Jon Snow I live in: Winterfell My best friend is: Arya! :D Direwolf Cause of death: Battle My GOT life...
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    House: Stark ( y e p) Lover: Peytr Baelish (I’m kind of afraid) You Live In: King’s Landing (I’m doomed) Best Friend:...
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    House Lannister. My love is Ned Stark. I live in castle black, my best friend is Arya Stark and I have a pet direwolf. I...
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    House: Greyjoy (yay?) JON SNOW (HELL YEAH) You live in: Kings Landing Best Friend: Tyrion (HELL YEAH AGAIN) Direwolf...
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    House: Stark (awww yeah!) Lover: Jon Snow (Heheheheheheheheheheheh) You live in: Pyre (…) Best friend: Tyrion Lannister...
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    House: Targaryen (woohooo) Lover: Dany (well ok) You live in: The Eyrie Best friend: Littlefinger (aaaeeh noo I don’t...
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    find out … *mine were kinda funny … xD
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    Targaryen | Ned Stark | Braavos Tyrion Lannister | Dragon | Tournament … O3O almost happy
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    House: Targaryen Jaime Lannister I live in: Winterfell Best friend: Daenerys Stormborn Dragon. Guess I’m a true...
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    Martell, Lover: Daenarys, Live in: braavos, Best Friend: Daenarys, Pet: Direwolf, Cause of Death: battle
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    House: Lannister Lover: Jon Snow (Awwww yeahh~) Live in: Winterfell Best friend: Bran Stark (:3) Pet: Dragon Cause of...
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    House-Baratheon WOOW Lover-Jaime Lannister OKAY I live in-Casterly rock mmkay Best friend-Tyrion Lannister AWESOME...
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    House Targaryen, lover is Jon Snow, living in Winterfell, Daenerys is my best friend, my pet is a dragon and I was...
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    I’m from House Baratheon (yesss) and I live in Castle Black (noooo) with a pet crow. My lover is Robb Stark, THE KING IN...
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