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Having genderswap thoughts about ASOIAF today 

What if Catelyn had been born male, and thus was the heir to Riverrun?

What if Robb had been a daughter, and so he would be the one to be betrothed to Joffrey? Would he be a dreamer like Sansa was brought up to be, or would he be more aggressive than her, still? How much of character is gender/sex in such a heavily sexist society as the ASOIAF world, and how much is based in other aspects?

Like, what if Daenerys and Viserys’s sexes were switched, how would that affect how they grew up if Viserys had not considered himself the king, but it was his younger sibling instead?

Cersei is often shown as being angry about the role her sex places her in in the books, so would she be happier and healthier-minded if she hadn’t
been oppressed into that role all her life? If Jaime had been born female, would he have turned out like Brienne or would he have accepted the typical Westerosi noblewoman role?

Hmm. What do you think?

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    Dude, my brain cannot begin to process alternate realities in ASOIAF. The actual story, prophecies and all, is more than...
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    I think Cersei would’ve been Viserys crazy. Cause Viserys would be the Targaryen princess and Cersei would want to marry...
  6. ashleymcquaid said: I don’t have any coherent thoughts currently, but switching Daenerys and Viserys is a really interesting concept.
  7. paperrocketship said: Given that that world is the way it is, where gender forces them into certain roles. All the characters would take drastically different paths in life. Swapping genders would result in an unrecognizable story. That’s an amazing idea.
  8. hotbitchesanddragons said: idk about everyone else but i feel like jaime would have been happy being a typical noblewomen. he only became interested in swordplay because he was given one and cersei used to dress him up as a girl and i doubt he minded.
  9. hxpd said: This is a pretty interesting topic. Perhaps Daenerys would’ve been like Cersei, all power-hungry and Catelyn would’ve been a bit more thoughtful than Ned, still honorable but less cold. And perhaps Robb would’ve become like a pretty Arya. I dunno. ha
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