Users Online Tumblr of Thrones, Would anyone be interested in dresses like those worn by women in King's Landing on Game of Thrones? What is the max you would pay?
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Would anyone be interested in dresses like those worn by women in King’s Landing on Game of Thrones? What is the max you would pay? 


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    I would pay up to $100 for a dress like this. I’ve been looking for something different to wear to RenFest this year!...
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  7. kat544 answered: Absolutely!! 70 to a hundred
  8. octopusowl answered: hmmm… $65-85 depending on the accuracy of the fabric. the more accurate,the more I’m willing to pay.
  9. missusjunkus answered: YES
  10. ashleymcquaid answered: Absolutely. If they were well-made I’d definitely pay in the $100 ballpark.
  11. abitoverrated answered: While pretty, considering my shape, these might make me look preggers
  12. jinglebells333 answered: Those? no. But the gorgeous teal dress worn by Dany in Qarth, I would shell out big bucks for. ;)
  13. psujtka answered: it would be great, but the hair? NO THANKS
  14. martiniglass answered: oh jeez, YES. Idk, $100 max? why are you asking?!
  15. eatmypeanutbuttercup answered: the nobilities dresses or those worn by the servants such as shae?
  16. aleciamariana answered: Alas, I need a bra. If it was structured to cover enough of the back, I could go about about $150USD.
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  18. hiedrablanca answered: i think they could be made for reasonable prices i would love to see some dresses from Qarth those may be pricer.. let us know if there done.
  19. thecowcrossing answered: YES I WOULD BE
  20. erasethelies answered: I would love to have one but it depends on the fabric and the carriage costs :)
  21. undiscerning-adventuress answered: I really like the one Shae is wearing, but I’m broke. :/
  22. rhaegarxlyanna answered: 50!
  23. fourtoe answered: I guess you wouldn’t have to pay for bras anymore.
  24. -mothernorth- answered: 50-100 probably
  25. oncesouponatime answered: Ermm well if they’re exact look-alikes then $50?