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Spoiler Asks regarding Jon and associated stuff

Anonymous asked you:
Jon is of the Night’s Watch; he and Dany won’t happen, unless the White Walkers are destroyed; then the Wall would have no need to be manned.

They vow to man the Wall until death, and Jon likely died at the end of ADwD. Also, there’s no way that Wall isn’t coming down by the end of the series.

winterking asked you: i really like the R + L = J theory but i’m a little sad jon is not a “real dragon” given that he burned his hands pretty bad on AGoT

Well it burned him but didn’t kill him. Anyway, they don’t have to be un-burnable to be a real Targaryen.

Anonymous asked you:
I find it weird that people ship danyxjon because of their targ blood (or possible for jon). Especially since besides that I don’t see any other reason for the ship, IS there any other reason??

You’d have to ask the jon x dany ship, but speculating: people might see it as destiny. They both have been somewhat unlucky in love and wanting a real home/family/place to belong. They’re young, attractive, and are both learning how hard it is to lead, so maybe they could rule together. They represent ice and fire and it seems like a reasonable idea to ship them, though they haven’t met. I’ll be surprised if their paths never cross.

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