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Have no idea if they’d want me to point out which person belongs to which tumblr url, but here is a great pack of ASOIAF ladies that I met up with last night in NYC. There’s one missing from the pics, since she came a bit later. But everyone was fabulous and funny and smart. Oh and the pie picture is funnier once you’ve read all the books.

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    I’m the one who looks capable of vast amounts of trollingActually you’d probably mistake me for Rachel
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    Love the pics! That night flew by, it was so fun getting to meet everyone! We definitely need to do that more often. :)...
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    This is awesome! Except… I’ve read all the books and I can’t figure out why the pies are funny.
  7. capleesi said: manderly’s meat pies? :D
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    Had a lot of fun last night! And the Frey pies were delicious!
  9. yumwatch said: I hope those are sad Frey pies
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