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Anonymous asked: "Wait wait -- I'm really late to this, but no Darkstar? NONE? Not even a tiny teeny streak of black hair?"

There’s a character in the latest leaked casting call that sounds suspiciously like a reduced-role version him though like my source said it wasn’t Darkstar. Yeaaah okay.

— Greatest thing a character says about themselves, possibly ever, but definitely in ASOIAF (via thestarkalypse)

Game of Thrones casting a Darkstar figure, Stalwart Shield, and several more roles for season five - Watchers on the Wall 

Watchers on the Wall - A Game of Thrones Community for Breaking News, Casting, and Commentary 

(I tried to look for a happy GoT gif to post with this, but it’s GoT, so I couldn’t actually find one.)

edit: success!

A Message From the Creators of Watchers on the Wall  

The new site is going live any minute! 

It’s still raw and needs more work, but we really wanted to be up, at least in basic form, to talk about Comic Con.


So I’ll post the link here shortly!

Game of Thrones Filming News from Croatia- Filming Dates Confirmed 

An update, while I’m between websites:

Locals in Sibenik, Croatia turned out on July 21st at their town hall to audition for roles as extras in Game of Thrones season five. According to, about 200 extras will be required for filming in the area, which is scheduled to occur September 18th through 23rd. reports that in addition to the usual measurement questions for the extras, the questionnaires did also ask if they would be willing to do nude scenes.

It is still unconfirmed which areas the town will represent in the Game of Thrones world. It is also unknown whether production has resolved their ongoing negotiations with the local diocese over the use of a desired shooting site (believed to be the Cathedral of St.James).

For now, the people of Sibenik are excited to host Game of Thrones, with several hundred signing up to be extras- including the town’s mayor, Željko Burić.

Announcement from the writers of 

As of today, FireAndBlood (aka Axechucker), HearMeRoar, Oz of Thrones, and I (OursIsTheFury) will no longer be a part of

The decision to leave WiC was an incredibly difficult one, as writing for the website has been a part of our lives for years, and we genuinely love being part of the Game of Thrones community in this capacity.  But given the changes in climate at WiC in the past year, we no longer feel like this is the fan-based community that we set out to be a part of, and that is why we’ve decided to leave to form a new website.

We had intended to remain with WiC until after San Diego Comic Con, and gave FanSided advance notice of our departures last night as a courtesy, via WiC’s editor-in-chief. However, our powers at the site were removed immediately. I can’t say I’m surprised.

Our new Game of Thrones website is still being fine-tuned, and so it won’t be ready for a few more days. We should be ready to launch in a week. So stay tuned for updates, because the four of us are incredibly excited for this new beginning, and we hope you’ll join us.


Susan Miller, aka Ours is The Fury

Marko aka Hear Me Roar

Axechucker, aka Fire and Blood

Oz of Thrones


A Song of Ice and Fire - The Videogame

(insp.) (art - x x x)

I like how we’re all like, “Jesus is it THAT HARD to stick to the books?!” but when it comes to that one character, I’m like..’haha I was just kidding about that, have at it!’

The reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.

"A Collab of Ice and Fire" Game of Thrones fanart zine 

This fan collaboration project is the result of hard work from many artists around the world, who have come together to celebrate their love and admiration for George RR Martin’s colourful and vast characters of Westeros.

The zine, which is projected to be around 48 full colour pages, 5.5”x8.5”, will be saddle stitched and professionally prepared. The zines are currently under production, but you can see all information about the collaboration itself here.